POP-UP OMAKASE BY MEW *Flushing location only

We are thrilled to announce that we have invited Chef Inoue Shinichi 井上 伸一 and Chef Masaya Shirai 白井 雅也 to be part of OMAKASE BY MEW.

90 USD Pre-fixe Omakase (excludes drinks) , Reservation ONLY

Chef Inoue Shinichi 井上 伸一

Chef Shinichi Inoue originated from Nagasaki Prefecture (長崎県); on the Japanese island of Kyushu. Although his ancestors included samurai and military nobility, Inoue’s family was not wealthy. In order to earn a better living, he moved to Tokyo. After five years in a sushi restaurant, he started working in the well-known Kintaro Sushi in Asakusa. There he trained traditionally by starting as a cleaner and working his way up towards chef. After seven years, he could proudly announce that he made sushi.

In order to grow as a chef, Inoue decided to move to America after twenty years of working in Kintaro Sushi. He worked in two restaurants, one as an Executive Chef where he twice won high praise from the Michelin Guide. A restaurateur approached Inoue to become the Sushi Master at a new Harlem eatery, Sushi Inoue. It opened in 2015, and became the first-ever Michelin one star in Harlem. Although Inoue is no longer in charge of Sushi Inoue, he continues to practice and use omakase “trust me” style to serve his guests.

Chef Masaya Shirai 白井 雅也

Chef Masaya Shirai originated from Osaka. He graduated from Tsuji Culinary Institute which has turned out 140,000 chefs and patissiers and in the process of becoming the largest culinary school in Japan. For ten years, he was trained at different eateries, Matsuzaki (松崎), Nadaman (なだ万) and Rakutaian (樂侍庵). Following his believe in bringing the “spirits” of Japanese Cuisine to the world, he decided to come to New York City in 2008. 

He then met Inoue and became his peer at Sushi Zen, which was a pioneer in serving raw fish to New Yorkers. Since 2013 Chef Shirai works at Sushi Azabu which is one of “NYC’s 40 Top Sushi Restaurants” by Eater and the “Most Expensive Sushi in the US (That’s actually worth it)”.

Shirai is now the executive chef at Azabu, continuing his practices in omakase and keiseki dinning experiences.


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